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Wounded, bleeding, dying. Wait... you already died... didn’t you? You remember taking your last breath, then darkness. Now you find yourself waking up. You open your eyes to purple hues, shadow figures running, and a large black gate. Hanging from the gate is a sign: Beyond The Gates of Madness Lies The Nether.

Nether is a LARP located in south Mississippi that has been running for over 2 years. Our events happen monthly at a dedicated Larping campground. Explore the site to see more.  


Meet The Team

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Brodi Is the owner and writer of nether. After many years of larping at other games, he and his wife Val started to write their own game.

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Val is the co-owner and story writer of nether. 


Jeremy is the general manager and monster creator of nether. He joined the staff before the game had its first alpha test.  

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