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Patch notes for rulebook 3.0


Added a new chapter. Chapter 7 monsters.

Added a new craft skill. Engineering.

Added a new write-up for scavenging

Added a new write-up for foraging.

Merged spell and alchemy inscription.


Race changes:

  • All undead added immunity to Phobia, Beguile, Torment, Soothe, Slumber, Captivate. 

  • Little folk changed free blacksmith and craft slots discounts. They now get to choose the craft skill they get for free and get all craft slots at a discount.

  • Goblinoid changed the attributes from +2 muscle or +2 covertness. Now it's +2 muscle and +2 covertness. They no longer have +1 vitality. Now they start with +1 stealth.

  • Cryptid now gets +1 tracking rather than level 1 tracking.

  • All races that required wings are now optional to have wings.


New alchemy recipe

  • Distraction bomb: Deals negative 2 tracking for 10 minutes. May stack up to 2 times.


Spells changes:

  • Idle hands: This spell puts a hex on the target's hands causing them to lose control of their hands.  Their hands go hostile toward the target hit with the spell and nearby people. The target can not stop their hands from attacking. “Idle hands are the devil’s playground!”  (the target calls their full damage. The target cannot drop their weapon on their own.)


Added Eva weapon construction guide


Added New recruitment Program:

  • Bringing a new player makes you a mentor. The mentor gains 2 Experience Points for bringing a new player. If that new player returns the following event the mentor gains another 2 Experience Points. The mentor is required to teach the new player the game, not just the rulebook. You can only mentor one new player at a time. If more than one new player is brought the mentor gains 2 XP tokens per player. 2 more XP tokens when they return the following event.

Missed events program

If you miss an event and are worried about losing out on character experience it's not a problem three events each year can be purchased at $45 apiece.  You will gain event exp and the opportunity to cap the extra work time and  XP token character experience. New players have the opportunity to purchase missed events as though they missed an event. New players that purchase the missed events starting out gain the full 15 exp per event purchased. Each event purchased puts the player higher on months endured on the character progression chart.